Project TitleWork DescriptionCountryExecution yearProject status
Polybutylene Terephthalate (PBT) PlantCivil / steel structure, Piping fabrication&erectiontesting, pre-commissioning and commissioning completed of 108,000diainchSaudi Arabia2013 -2014Completed
Reformer Tube ReplacementReplacement of 400 reducers and replacement of 20 tubes in LurgiCO reformer in IGC plant. Total 813 FW of 2” and 7” and 20 2” SWSaudi Arabia Completed
BFW interconnection between Phase-1&2Combined Piping & structural worksSaudi Arabia2023Completed
Fire water Piping upgrade project Al-WahaCivil, Mechancical piping worksSaudi Arabia2023Completed
Nozzle replacement worksReplacement of 6” Nozzle A on equipment D-1404 Lift engager-2Saudi Arabia2022Completed
Inspection report & recomemndation ASME RepairASME Repair of T1010 shell- 19 LocationsSaudi Arabia2019Completed
Access PlatformInstallation of Additional Access Platform Near ATR AreaSaudi Arabia2020Completed
Mechanical MaintenanceMaintenance works during EA TurnaroundSaudi Arabia2019Completed
Air Pre-heater Replacement projectDismantling, Pre-assembly, Installation and construction of combustion Air PreheaterSaudi Arabia2018Completed
IGC Reformer Tube replacement worksRe-tubing, Catalyst Replacement, and connected maintenance servicesSaudi Arabia2017Completed
Reformer Tube Replacement worksReducer/In liner modification in Lurgi Co Reformer at Sipchem IGC Plant.Saudi Arabia2012Completed